The Kingkey 100

The Kingkey 100 is a super tall skyscraper located in the Luohu District in Shenzhen, Guangdong province in China. It was formerly known as the Kingkey Finance Center Plaza and is a mixed-use building composed mainly of office and retail spaces as well as a hotel. It is currently considered as the tallest building in Shenzhen and the 9th tallest in the world.

Kingkey 100 History

The construction of the Kingkey 100 was proposed sometime in 2004 by its owner and developer, Shenzhen Kingkey Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. A super tall skyscraper that lords over all the buildings in Shenzhen was suggested. The developer availed of the services of British architectural firm, Terry Farrell and Partners, who designed the building. The Kingkey 100 was then built sometime in 2007. The super tall skyscraper was eventually completed and then opened in September of 2011.

Kingkey 100 Features

The Kingkey 100 stands 441.8 meters or 1,449 feet tall. It has a total of 100 floors. Of the 100 floors 68 of those are being used as Class A office space while the 22 floors are occupied by St. Regis Hotel, a 6-star business hotel. The top four floors of the building hold a sky garden and several being used as restaurants. The lower levels of the building houses the KK Mall which contains luxury brand stores, restaurants and a supermarket. This modernist skyscraper has become one of the major landmarks in this Chinese city, lording it over the rest of the skyline.
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