PPG Place

PPG place is a building complex comprised six buildings of different sizes. It is located in downtown Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania and occupies three city blocks and an area within five and a half acres. The building complex was named after its main tenant, PPG Industries who started the building project to house their headquarters.

PPG Place History

The PPG Place was initially built to house the main headquarters of PPG (Pittsburgh Plate Glass) Industries. The company has been based in downtown Pittsburgh since 1895. Groundbreaking for the building complex was held in January, 1981. Construction followed soon after. The building complex eventually opened around 1983 and 1984. The complex was dedicated on April 11, 1984.

PPG Place Features

PPG Place was designed by architects Philip Johnson and John Burgee. It was designed with neogothic style influenced along with some modern innovations. PPG Place is known for its buildings having a total of 231 glass spires. The largest of the spires stands 82 feet or 25 meters tall. It is also notable for the 40-story One PPG Place. The complex also contains one 14-story building and four 6-story buildings.

One PPG Place particularly features a lobby with a 50-foot or 15-meter high entrance designed with red glass. The building also contains a total of 21 elevators with each having walls made out of clear glass panels enclosing fractured glass.
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